Our Services.


We have various chat services which may be of interest to you mobile phone users, examples include:

LAUGH GIG: Laugh Gig is just what you need to cool off the hustle and bustle of the day. Watch so many funny videos that will make you laugh and forget your worries! Send LG to 20240 for N50/ 7 days. This service is only for MTN users.

Nolly Gist: You want to catch up with the latest gists and industry news in Nollywood? Look no further as Nolly Gist will serve you with just that! To subscribe, send NG to 20240 for N50/ 7 days. This service is only for MTN users.

Amazing Football Facts: To all football lovers out there, if you are looking for how to keep up with the latest football news and club deals, just send AM to 20240 for N50/ 7 days to easily receive football facts on your mobile phone. This service is only for MTN users.


We have a lot of competitions that subscribers can enter into and win lots of prizes. Get ready to excite your friends and family with such competitions. There is something for everyone.


We host and sell a variety of games for all categories (Business, adventure, and all sorts of games). Our games are targeted to different age groups and we have gender specific games too.


Let your opinion count for something, participate in surveys or create your own surveys. To organize one survey for yourself or for your organization, please register here.


Run your own campaign on our platform; get your audience to vote in competitions or surveys. We have the right platform to help you achieve this.